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Tennis coach Joshua Brace has a simple philosophy that he hopes will keep children playing the sport for years to come: Make tennis fun.

Brace, a USPTA-certified instructor in Lake Nona, Fla., believes a youngster’s first interaction with tennis is one of the most important aspects of what he hopes is a life-long love for the game.

“If children can’t enjoy the first six weeks of lessons, they will not continue to play tennis or have the enthusiasm to continue,” said Brace, who has also coached in Australia and the United Kingdom.  “Make all classes fun, exciting and active and they will play for years to come, because they associate tennis with fun and friends.”

As part of his mission to grow the game, Brace opened the brACE TENNIS ACADEMY in the Eagle Creek community of Lake Nona. 

“The Net Generation program is designed to teach all of these fundamentals under the umbrella of a tennis class,” said Brace. “With the fun and enjoyment comes participation. The more children finishing lessons saying, ‘We love tennis,’ the more players we will have to work with in the future. These classes are stepping stones to more specific understanding of how to play the sport of tennis.

Moving forward, Brace and his team hope to continue increasing opportunities in the area for schools and finding other facilities in the area for their outreach program. An internationally qualified umpire who has worked at the US Open and Wimbledon, Brace says Lake Nona has a wonderful family base that can benefit from introducing tennis to youngsters.

You'll find brACE TENNIS ACADEMY at Eagle Creek Community, Eagle Creek Elementary School and Lake Nona Middle School for weekly lessons and holiday camps.

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